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Legacy and Estate planning

It may become appropriate to gather your family for a special meeting to discuss legacy and estate planning, philanthropic wishes, special needs, powers of attorney or other multigenerational issues.

We often facilitate such meetings in your home or our office, bringing together the people you care about with skilled practitioners to put your wishes into effect.

In the event of a death in the family, our practitioners are only too willing to assist the Executors and Beneficiaries, updating asset values and easing the probate process with minimum intrusion into family life at a sensitive time.

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At a very difficult time, Allan was instrumental in reviewing and making very sensible recommendations regarding my mother’s finances and the probate process.  He helped to simplify the situation for her and enabled her to understand the whole picture.  Subsequently, this meant she felt totally comfortable in terms of how she could very well manage, financially, the remainder of her life.

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