Risk Reality Calculator.


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Risk management is one of the most important features of successful financial planning.

Investment risk is generally well signposted and understood, but the risks associated with everyday life are often overlooked in haste, oversight, a genuine ignorance, or an instinctive aversion to insurance policies and complex equations, small print, excesses and deductibles, appropriate cover levels etc. all making the process seemingly cumbersome, time consuming and not the least bit attractive unless there’s a very good reason to go there.

Professional Financial Planning identifies what (and who) is important to you, quantifies, understands and explains your lifestyle risks, providing sensible affordable solutions taking account of your cash reserves, company/employer benefits (where applicable) and existing arrangements.   This process creates clarity of the day to day risks you’re running, agrees the numbers involved and determines how much risk you can absorb yourself and how much to offset to professional underwriters/insurance companies.

We look at all areas of risk in your life and particularly focus on ensuring that you will achieve your lifestyle financial objectives…. whatever happens.

As premature death or serious illness in the family often devastates family wealth and inhibits the survivors/carers lifestyle, we highly recommend that you follow the link to a quick (and eye-opening) risk reality calculator created by the underwriting and marketing teams at Liverpool Victoria, the UK’s largest life assurer.

The calculator is based on current claims experience, trends and statistics.



“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”.  – Warren Buffett.