Pensioners face paying extra tax on savings


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Pensioners face paying extra tax on savings


Pensioners face paying extra tax on savings 
The Office of Tax Simplification says more than half a million savers, most of them pensioners, should be forced to pay more tax, and banks and building societies should be told to do more to check the tax status of pensioners’ savings accounts.

Daily Telegraph,  p. 14

Also appeared in : Daily Mail,  p.10, Daily Express,  p.7

House prices in US climb 5.6pc in the 12 months to November

House prices in the US shot up by 5. 6 per cent in the year to November, according to a widely observed survey released yesterday.

City AM London,  p. 17

Union brands Lloyds a ‘disgrace’ as another 940 staff face the axe

Part-nationalised Lloyds Banking Group was yesterday labelled a “complete disgrace” as it announced plans to cut almost 1000 jobs.

The Independent,  p. 51

Also appeared in : The Times,  p.33, Daily Mail,  p.65, The Sun,  p.44-45, The Daily Telegraph Business,  p.3, Metro London,  p.55, Independent i,  p.41, Financial Times Companies and Markets,  p.20, City AM London,  p.5


JP Morgan boss Dimon hits out at accusations of opaqueness

JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon has defended the banking industry following accusations that institutions are not transparent enough.

City AM London,  p. 4

Also appeared in : The Guardian,  p.26, The Daily Telegraph Business,  p.4-5, International Herald Tribune,  p.14, International Herald Tribune,  p.1, Independent i,  p.41, Independent i,  p.42, Evening Standard London,  p.37


Cut bankers’ pay or risk another crash, IMF chief tells financiers

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, yesterday warned that “corrosive” inequality was hindering the world’s economic recovery. In a combative speech to an audience of some of the world’s wealthiest financiers at the World Economic Forum, Ms Lagarde said that bankers’ pay should be cut to close the gap between the rich and poor.

The Independent,  p. 8

Also appeared in : International Herald Tribune,  p.15, The Daily Telegraph Business,  p.1, Financial Times,  p.6


Sterling facing ‘amber warning light’ from the markets

The pound could face sustained pressure on the foreign exchange markets, experts warned yesterday, as David Cameron pledged to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU against the backdrop of a weak UK economy. Ross Walker, UK economist at Royal Bank of Scotland, warned that sterling was facing an “amber warning light” after a 3.45% decline against the euro and 2.5% fall against the dollar in the first three weeks of the year.

The Guardian,  p. 24

Also appeared in : The Guardian,  p.24, Financial Times Companies and Markets,  p.32


Bank maintains course despite single dissenter

Only one member of the Bank of England’s nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee voted for looser policy two weeks ago, according to minutes of the meeting.

The Times,  p. 33

Also appeared in : The Sun,  p.44-45, City AM London,  p.17


Dr Doom’ sees fatal flaws in QE strategy

Nouriel Roubini, the economist dubbed “Dr Doom” for predicting the credit crunch, has sounded a stark warning about the long-term effects of relying on quantitative easing to keep crisis-hit western economies afloat. At a lively debate in Davos, Roubini, who runs a New York-based consultancy, said central bankers risked saddling the economy with debt-burdened banks, businesses and consumers that should have been allowed to go bust.

The Guardian,  p. 25

Also appeared in : The Daily Telegraph Business,  p.4


FSA turns focus to ICAP in Libor investigation

It has been reported that ICAP, the world’s largest interdealer broker, has become a focus of the UK Libor rate-rigging investigation and the Financial Services Authority now conducting an investigation over possible breaches of market conduct rules.

The Daily Telegraph Business,  p. 5

Also appeared in : Financial Times,  p.1


Iceland fury over being grouped with al-Qaeda

Iceland’s president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson has criticised Britain’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in an interview for Sky News for imposing financial sanctions on the island nation when its banks collapsed during the credit crisis.

The Daily Telegraph Business,  p. 4


Trust in banks rises

The annual Edelman Trust Barometer has shown that people’s trust in banks and business increased last year.

The Daily Telegraph Business,  p. 4


Global economy ‘turned’

Axel Weber, the former head of Germany’s central bank, says the global economic system has now passed a turning point and is picking up again.

The Daily Telegraph Business,  p. 4


Metro boss: I wouldn’t set up UK bank again

Metro Bank may not have been established if founder Vernon Hill had realised in advance how arduous and expensive the process of getting a banking licence would be, the American billionaire said yesterday.

City AM London,  p. 5

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