Most over-65s say pensioners should share austerity burden


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Most over-65s say pensioners should share austerity burden

Most over-65s say pensioners should share austerity burden
A poll has found that most over-65s believe pensioners’ benefits should not be ring fenced from public spending cuts.
City AM London, p. 3
Also appeared in : Independent i, p.7

Pension ‘liberation’ cases soar by a third as victims count cost
Growing numbers of people are being conned out of their pension pots by unscrupulous financial advisers.
The Times, p. 40

work until you are 80 or struggle in retirement
Staff must wait till they are 80 to retire if they want the average income of £26,500 a year, advisers haver claimed.
Daily Express, p. 2

Analysts say UK may set target on jobless count
The Bank of England could adopt an unemployment target under incoming governor Mark Carney as industry analysts believe the Canadian has been heavily influenced by policies at the US Federal Reserve.
City AM London, p. 8

US stocks drop but markets soothed by Fed
US stocks fell more than one per cent yesterday, adding to a sell-off built on concerns about reduced stimulus from the Federal Reserve and on overnight losses in Chinese equity markets.
City AM London, p. 19

Lenders cite regulator demands as balance sheets are shored up
British banks raised capital levels rapidly in the first half of the year, according to new Bank of England figures.
City AM London, p. 3

Stability at risk as leaders fail to reach a deal
Europe’s financial stability could be at risk after leaders failed over the weekend to make progress towards a deal on how the banking union will work, analysts warned yesterday.
City AM London, p. 12

China fears mount as bank stands firm amid GDP cuts
FEARS mounted yesterday that China is facing a credit crunch as Goldman Sachs cut its growth estimates for the world’s second largest economy, while the central bank sparked fears of tightening lending conditions as it continued its crackdown on shadow banking.
City AM London, p. 2

Federal Reserve can’t be broken by ‘feral hogs’, says top banker
Richard Fisher, the president of the Dallas Federal Reserve, said last night that he had expected the “feral hogs” of the financial markets to test the US Federal Reserve’s determination to scale back its asset purchases and that he was comfortable with recent rises in bond yields.
The Times, p. 35

Erste plans €660m rights issue to pay back bailout
Shares in Erste Group fell sharply after Austria’s biggest bank issued a profit warning.
This abstract from the Financial Times was produced by Kantar Media
Financial Times Companies and Markets, p. 18

Irish bank officials Joked about huge losses
John Bowe, an executive at the doomed Anglo Irish Bank laughed and joked at how the bank was concealing huge losses at the same time as he pleaded for emergency assistance from the Ireland’s central bank.
The Times, p. 36

Anglo Irish still offering insight into banks’ crisis
Jamie Smyth reports on the failure by the Irish state to hold a public inquiry into the failed lender Anglo Irish Bank.
This abstract from the Financial Times was produced by Kantar Media
Financial Times Companies and Markets, p. 20

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