Government Promote Wills


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Government Promote Wills


The Ministry of Justice has, this week, launched a public awareness campaign to encourage people to plan for their and their families’ futures by ensuring they have wills and lasting powers of attorney in place.

The ‘Choice not Chance’ campaign consists of a campaign page on the Government website with links to further information on wills and LPAs; as well as a series of posters featuring emotive images and straplines intended to encourage people to think about, and talk about, what might happen in the event of their death, or if they lose mental capacity and need somebody to make decisions for them. The posters, one of which hints at the possibility of sustaining a head/brain injury while playing contact sports, are targeted at the 25-50 age group, who are often less inclined to think about these issues as they do not think they are relevant to them.


The ‘Choice not Chance’ campaign should encourage a greater number of younger people to make a will, create a lasting power of attorney and talk to their parents about doing the same. The campaign is also a welcome reminder that LPAs are not just for the elderly – accidents can strike at any time and the age group at which the campaign is aimed often have young families dependent on them, as well other responsibilities to consider such as mortgages, which would still need to be paid in the event that they became incapacitated.

From a Financial Planning perspective, making a Will is the cornerstone of Inheritance planning.  Properly constructed, it helps to ensure that the people you care about most are provided for with the minimum of intrusive form filling and bureaucracy at one of the most emotionally difficult times in their lives.  Taking the ‘cornerstone’ further, a Financial Planner can make provisions for your beneficiaries immediately, ensuring they don’t run out of money before probate has been granted, which can often take well over 6 months if the planning and care hasn’t been taken.


Make an appointment with your Solicitor or a Financial Planner today to review the position if the worst actually happened to you.

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