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Market Roundup 100217

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End of Year Tax Planning

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FEBRUARY 2016 END-OF-YEAR TAX PLANNING The run up to the tax-year end is a good time to consider tax planning to maximise the use of an individual’s allowances, reliefs and exemptions for the current tax year.  Some of these will be lost if not used before the tax-year end.  For those people who currently pay […]

FYI Professional news update

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News items you might have missed: New tax rules threaten Buy2Let investors In a major report on the effects of the new tax rules on Buy-To-Let mortgages, the Financial Times quoted accountants views that even with a 30% deposit and a 6% rental yield, a property could be loss-making for a higher rate taxpayer.  For […]

FYI Professional Must-Read News Flashes

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In this article in case you missed them: HMRC chases contractors. Family Disputes on the rise. Property – The place to buy is Birmingham Property – Listing slump hits London properties Pensioner wins cash-in battle. Avoid a Drawdown Disaster. Beware 70% pension tax charge. Pension tax relief under threat…again. Millions won’t get new flat-rate pension. […]

Financial News Roundup August 2015

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  Financial News Roundup 12/08/2015 Buyers win from lower stamp duty. The Financial Times reported data from Nationwide showing that 235,000 property buyers saved over £275 million in stamp duty on purchases since December 2014 when the stamp duty rates changed.  While 85% of transactions in London and the South East benefited from the changes, […]

Pension Input Period changes explained

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PENSION INPUT PERIOD ALIGNMENT Changes announced in the Summer Budget (2015) had an immediate impact on PIPs The Summer Budget made some changes to the Annual Allowance for those with earnings in excess of £150,000 with effect from April 2016.  However, in order to bring this in at the beginning of the new tax year […]

Property in Europe? – New EU Cross-Border Rules.

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EU SUCCESSION REGULATION – NEW CROSS-BORDER RULES   The EU Regulation No 650/212 will come into force on 17 August 2015. It affects individuals with property in more than one EU state and aims to harmonise succession rules across the Member States. Although the Succession Regulation (commonly known as Brussels IV) was passed in 2012, […]

Cap on Long Term Care Costs Delayed until 2020…

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PROMISED CAP ON CARE COSTS DELAYED UNTIL 2020   The Government has announced that it will be delaying its flagship policy to cap social care costs under the Care Act 2014 until April 2020 due to funding concerns. Government plans to introduce a £72,000 cap, on the amount self-funders would have to contribute to their […]

Inheritance Tax – Budget Update August 2015

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A DETAILED CONSIDERATION OF THE NEW RESIDENCE NIL RATE   The Summer Finance Bill, which was published on 12 July, includes legislation to implement the new residence nil rate band announced at Summer Budget 2015. This is an addition to the standard nil rate band of £325,000. This bulletin takes a detailed look at the […]


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ANNUITIES/PURCHASED LIFE ANNUITY Date posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2015   Synopsis: The Office for National Statistics has a useful tool to offer an answer to the question ” How long will my pension need to last?” One of the points which regularly emerges in surveys is that Joe Public underestimates their life expectancy. This obviously […]