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The values of Pensions and Investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise.  You may get back less than you invested.  
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on your Mortgage.


Welcome to Charterbridge Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Hello….  I’m Allan Bullock and in a nutshell, we specialise in ‘Lifestyle’ Financial Planning, bringing 25 years experience and professional disciplines to bear on the financial choices we all face in life.

It’s like having a Financial ‘SatNav’  guiding you step by step to successful outcomes. Should you make any wrong turns or diversions, we guide you gently on a re-routed track to your established goals, aspirations, defined objectives, growth and security… to ensure that you arrive where you intended.

In doing so, we establish where you are now by pulling your existing resources onto the same page (Income and Expenses, Property and Chattels, Pensions, Investments, Insurances etc.), comparing them to Top-Quartile funds and well known benchmarks like the FTSE 100, to ensure that you’re getting the best value from your current holdings relative to your risk profile and comfort factors.

Lifestyle Planning.

We explore your Lifestyle objectives in detail, to identify what’s important to you about money and to determine what you’d like to improve.

We review your tax position, combining tax efficiency with your lifestyle objectives, producing personalised cash-flow projections to age 100, encompassing everything that you want in your future.

Importantly…we’re here to make sure that you never run out of money… no matter what happens.

Inter-active cash-flow modelling… brings your current and future financial position to life in real-time while prudently checking what might happen in the event that catastrophe strikes, like a premature death, serious illness or a collapse of the financial markets.  In our experience it makes excellent sense to be aware of, and prepared for, any of life’s downsides.

But most of all, we’re here to make money work for you…

We provide a written analysis/report at least once a year updating your: tax efficiency, financial security, comfortable cash reserves, efficient mortgage repayment, adequate pension provision, investment growth, smart acquisitions, providing for children, holiday funds, long term care plans, family trust funds, Inheritance Tax, gifting… and much more.

We’re very experienced and constantly monitor your progress, especially compound growth and returns on your savings, pensions and investments. In our experience,  ‘financial monitoring’ is mostly neglected, but has a massive impact on long term outcomes.

At the heart of our professional analysis and process, we take the time to develop relationships, to earn trust, to listen, to uncover and understand the finer detail of your financial concerns and ambitions.

Our analysis, reports and action plans provide clear guidance and documented monitoring of the bespoke strategy employed for your objectives, savings, investments, pensions, trust and estate matters, creating a well-posted route to success in each area.

The following pages explain how working with Charterbridge provides security, prosperity, satisfaction and peace of mind for you and the people you care about most.

If you haven’t worked with a Lifestyle financial planner before,  rest assured that we’ll make your transition to full control of your financial landscape, in simple, easy stages.

Confidential exploratory meetings are free of charge and you can read Client Testimonials in the ‘Who we are’ drop down box above.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website.  

Establishing a successful Lifestyle Financial Planning relationship brings about a ‘substantial peace of mind’ and our Clients’ tell us…. that this is what we do best.

I look forward to working with you and providing all of the tools you’ll need for the successful outcomes you deserve.

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Allan Bullock – Director.


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